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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Results of the RIO-LIPIDS.

Rimonabant has been studied in more than 6,000 patients. Results of the RIO-LIPIDS written document showed that a one-year direction of overweight and obese patients with abnormal lipid levels with once daily rimonabant significantly reduced body weigth by an statistic of 6.9 kg in examination to a loss of 1.5 kg in the medicine abstraction. More importantly, it improved a chain of mountains of cardiometabolic risk factors that may contribute to type 2 diabetes and spirit disease. Results of a two-year care with rimonabant in the RIO-North Dry land discipline evidenced sustained effects on shank circuit, body artefact and cardiometabolic risk factors. Mechanism-based adverse effects associated with CB1 anatomical structure antagonists have not been reported. Results of the MUSICAL COMPOSITION trial run published in December 2006 showed that patients with type 2 diabetes not currently treated with anti-diabetic therapy experienced significant improvements in glucose criterion and unit as well as in HDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Importantly, about 57 % of the improvements in HbA1C were free-lance of the free weight loss achieved.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weight Management Is Not Enough.

The Vexation Word firmLa Merie S.L. reported twenty-four hours that Sanofi-Aventis' first-in-class CB1 drug Acomplia (rimonabant) has at least five competitors in clinical stages up to period of time III and many more in earlier phases of R&D. While Acomplia received EU commendation in June 2006, the FDA requested more time to proceedings the file. Acomplia is indicated for the direction of patients with obesity or overweight plus cardiometabolic risk factors and achieved EU sales of 31 mln in its point in time months in selected markets.

However, some countries such as Germany consider Acomplia as a non-reimbursable life-style drug. Sanofi-Aventis is craft a huge clinical system to strikingness Acomplia in additional populations such as in type 2 diabetes (1st line), insulinized patients, dyslipidemia or atherosclerosis. Another athletic field of electrical phenomenon use of CB1 antagonists lies in neuroscience, such as dependence and cognitive disorders. These results and more were found in a operation conducted by La Merie Commercialism Power. The competitor reasoning of CB1 antagonists can be acquired at  La Merie's News Place and Online Accumulation.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The European Body Cost Theme.

The CHMP also recommended adding a advice that attention with Acomplia should be stopped if a semantic role develops sadness, as well as the body of additional entropy on the psychiatric contraceptive of Acomplia.

Doctors will be sent a literal interpretation to inform them about the updated prescribing content. Patients and their carers should be aware of the risk of incurvature in patients taking Acomplia.

The CHMP passport will now be forwarded to the European Military commission for acceptance of a Resolution.

1. For more message, see the accompanying question-and-answer written material , which also includes the recommended updated consequence information measure (in Annex 1).

2. Acomplia is authorised in the European Union/European Economic Area, and is marketed in 13 European countries. Rimonabant is also authorised as Zimulti, but this good is not marketed in the European Uniting.

3. The European Body Cost Theme for Acomplia can be found here.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Impotence Drugs Linked to Ischemic Optic Neuropathy.

In May, the US Food and Drug Incumbency had received more than 40 reports of NAION involving powerlessness drugs but had not determined whether the treatments were responsible.
A spokesperson from Pfizer told Reuters that a drill of 103 sildenafil clinical trials involving more than 13,000 patients found no reports of NAION. But the complement has changed the mark on sildenafil to note reports of NAION. Eli Lilly has also changed its labels on tadalafil 20mg.
Dr. Pomeranz said that the intellect NAION had not shown up in the pre-marketing clinical trials of these drugs may simply relate to a "numbers game."
"If there are millions of prescriptions out there for these drugs and, let's say, 60 cases of NAION, then it is unlikely that a learning of a few thousand patients is going away. This is true with a lot of drugs: it isn't until a lot of prescriptions have been written that some rare side effects aerofoil."